About leftjohn

Jon Langeland, born 1951, educated and working as a dermatologist at Hudklinikken in Oslo, has been photographing since he was 12,but with wild life and at an increasing level from 2007.

Mostly “self-taught” but with great inspiration and help from excellent photographers, instructors and tour leaders Torbjørn Tandberg, Ole Jørgen Liodden , Roy Mangersnes , Jenny Ross and Suzy

This website is presenting some of my work from the last 10 years.

All these years have been a continually steep road in digital photography to access new knowledge and to implement it into my photography.

Since I also have a profession as dermatologist with my own company, it has been some extremely busy years.

I have had the ability to keep the best Nikon equipment and travel around the world to remote nature and wildlife places.

This has given me unique opportunities to see and photograph some of the most amazing animals on their natural habitat.

I have also had the privilege to travel with and learn from world famous photographers; including Frans Lanting, Jenny Ross, Ole Jørgen Liodden , Suzi Eztheras, Roy Mangersnes and Torbjørn Tandberg.

Many of my most important pictures can be seen i in my instgram account Leftjohn with 21 K followers. Not allo of them have resolution and quality for big prints.